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May 18 2018

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What To Look For In A Fly Rod

The sport of fly fishing is considered one of the most challenging and rewarding forms of angling (that is, fishing with a hook and bait). Experienced fly fishers know their success depends on choosing the right rod. Fly fishing rods are identified by weight capacity, length, and action, and fly fishers choose specifications based on how far they need to cast, what type of fish they're catching, and what type of water they're fishing in. For beginners, the following are a few guidelines for choosing a good rod.

Choose Rods Designed By Fly Fishers

Some of the best rods are those that are designed by experienced fly fishers who know the sport from the inside out. Anglers understand the nuances of angling rods and how they work in different environments. They have a deep understanding of how different materials feel when casting or reeling in a fish. At Swift Fly Fishing Company, for example, all rods are designed and built by experienced fly anglers who have devoted many years to learning the sport and honing their craft.

Know The Pros And Cons Of Different Materials

The three most common materials for fly rods are carbon fiber (or graphite), fiberglass, and bamboo, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Carbon fiber rods are lightweight and sensitive, have fast recovery speeds, and are often the easiest rods to use when making a long cast. However, they are more expensive than fiberglass rods and they break more easily as well. Fiberglass rods are less expensive than carbon fiber, and they are exceptionally tough. However, they aren't as light as carbon fiber rods. Bamboo rods are the most traditional type of rod and also the most expensive. Some flycasters prefer the feel of casting with a bamboo rod. This type of rod tends to hold more value over time.

Look For Rods Sold Directly To Consumers

One of the best ways flycasters can make sure they're getting the best rod for their money is to buy from companies that sell directly to customers rather than through retailers. This allows the rod manufacturer to invest more in high quality materials and craftsmanship since they don't have to share profits with middlemen. SwiftFlyFishing.com, for example, is one retailer that invests the majority of the retail price of each rod in top-quality materials and workmanship. They sell directly to customers online as well as through a small selection of retailers who agree to accept a lower profit margin in order to offer a unique and higher quality rod to their customers.
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